Rice and Noodles

  • Vegetables or Tofu

    • 12.00
    Vegetables or Tofu
  • Chicken

    • 13.00
  • Shrimp or Steak*

    • 14.00
    Shrimp or Steak*
  • House

    • 16.00
  • Seafood

    • 20.00
  • Build Your Own Cooking Style:

    Build Your Own Cooking Style:
  • Fried Rice

    Stir fried, egg, onion & carrots

    Fried Rice
  • Thai Basil Fried Rice

    • Add 1.00

    Stir fried, egg, onion, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, fresh basil

    Thai Basil Fried Rice
  • Lo Mein

    Stir fry, onion, bok choy & carrots

    Lo Mein
  • Pad Thai

    • Add 1.00

    Stir fry, egg, onion, bean sprout, with chef's special tamarind sauce


    Pad Thai
  • Pad See Ew

    • Add 1.00

    Stir fry, bean sprout, gai lan (Chinese broccoli)

    Pad See Ew
  • Yaki Udon

    Stir fry, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, bean sprout

    Yaki Udon
  • Singapore Rice Noodle

    Stir fry, bean sprout, carrot, onion, with curry flavored

    Singapore Rice Noodle
Rice and Noodles
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